what is yoga cork city

Yoga is a personal journey and as a teacher I am here to gently guide and facilitate your practice, the real growth happens within you as you engage in this process.

I teach Hatha yoga, a traditional style of practice that focuses on balancing, purifying, strengthening and harmonizing the body-mind. I also offer chanting, pranayama and meditation.

I will design a personalized yoga program specifically for you dependent on your needs and personal goals. Along with the many physical benefits, my classes have a strong emphasis on supporting your personal growth. My focus is to create a safe space for each of us to connect with our breath, move into stillness and gain greater awareness of ourselves.

Classes normally range between 60-75 mins but can be altered according to your needs.

In a private yoga class you will get my undivided attention which offers you the space to deal with specific queries.

We all have different bodies with different challenges and a private class also acknowledges this through practices which have been specifically designed to support your individual needs. You will receive personal adaptations and adjustments based on your body and abilities, and at all times we will practice at a pace that you are comfortable with, yet meets you at the edge of your abilities. Any students recovering from accident, illness or injury are advised to consult with their GP first.

I offer a range of flexible packages to meet people’s varying lifestyle needs, schedules and commitments. Enquire here for costs of classes/packages.

6 Sidney Place, Wellington road, Cork City

If you prefer the convenience of your own home or office, I am happy to arrange this. I have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.

"The moment you accept yourself you become beautiful"